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Fosteum Plus is Indicated for the Clinical Dietary Management of the Metabolic Processes of Osteopenia and Osteoporosis

Millions of women are searching for a better way to manage the life-changing effects of menopause, including rapid loss of bone mass. The rate of bone loss is accelerated for women during menopause because of the dramatic decrease in estrogen levels. In fact, during menopause, women lose 30% of their bone mass in the first two years.

Fosteum Plus is a Prescription Medical Food that Safely and Effectively Builds Quality Bone by Delivering a Complete Bone-Building System

The current standards of care for protecting bone health aren’t enough. Calcium and Vitamin D may slow the progression of bone loss but have not been shown to be effective in increasing bone mass density.

Fosteum Plus is an all-in-one solution that provides genistein, zinc, calcium, phosphate, Vitamin K2, and Vitamin D in a single capsule, reducing the need for additional vitamins.

In addition to building quality bone, the genistein in Fosteum Plus has been clinically shown to significantly reduce hot flashes.

Fosteum Plus is dispensed by prescription and is to be used under a physician's supervision.

Fosteum Plus – a Prescription Medicine with Ingredients that Work on All Aspects of Bone Building and Regeneration

Fosteum Plus is the only product available clinically proven to manage bone loss and promote bone regeneration that provides genistein, zinc, calcium, phosphate, Vitamin K2, and Vitamin D in a single capsule, Each ingredient is chosen for its specific action in helping to build and maintain quality bone.

All the ingredients in Fosteum Plus are “generally recognized as safe" (GRAS), the highest standard of safety.

Please see the Fosteum Plus product information insert for further information.

How to Take Fosteum Plus

The recommended intake of Fosteum Plus is one capsule twice per day, approximately 12 hours apart, and may be taken with or without food. There are no postural limitations. Fosteum Plus may take 2 to 4 weeks of use for maximum effect.

Fosteum Plus is a safe and effective choice for many patient types:

  • Patients on Calcium/Vitamin D
  • Patient with osteopenia or osteoporosis
  • Patients on bisphosphonate holiday
  • Patients who are postmenopausal and refuse other treatments

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Primus Care Direct is a hassle-free, mail-order pharmacy service where patients can get their Fosteum Plus prescription for $59 for a 30-day supply or $147 for a 90-day supply ($49 per month), Medicare patients included. This is the lowest possible price available and includes free home delivery. If you have insurance, you may pay even less.

In addition to patient savings and convenience, Primus Care Direct saves time for healthcare practitioners by helping to increase fill rates and eliminating call-backs for prior authorizations.

Fosteum Plus is also available at retail pharmacies, but Primus Care Direct guarantees patients will pay the lowest possible price on their prescription.

*Offer based on 30-day supply at prescribed two capsules per day dose

Advocating for Better Access to Fosteum Plus

Without affordable access to Fosteum Plus, and other prescription medical foods, patients will suffer. This is why Primus Pharmaceuticals (makers of Fosteum Plus) started an advocacy movement to help patients, families, caregivers, healthcare providers and others have a voice to take control of their health with better access to safer medicines.

Increasingly, Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare and commercial health plans will only cover expensive synthetic drugs that merely treat symptoms and can cause serious adverse events.

It’s time to create real healthcare reform and improve the quality of life for women who are experiencing the effects of menopause.